FarmVille loading problems: Farmers able to load find their crops withered

farmville loading issues
Today, many are finding that loading FarmVille has been no easy task. As FarmVille loading problems and issues continue into the afternoon, many farmers are beginning to lose their patience.

Some of the farmers that were plagued with FarmVille loading issues this morning, have been able to return to their farms. Yet, the frustration continues even for those able to load the game and play. Upon loading up their farms, players discovered that their carefully timed crops had withered!

While we can maybe understand the loading issues due to FarmVille being updated, allowing our crops to wither after blocking us from the game is just unfair. Usually while updating FarmVille, Zynga pauses in-game time or turns off withering, so that none of our crops are affected at their expense. Unfortunately, that was not the case this time. Some players with whole fields of carefully scheduled crops lost thousands of Coins due to the FarmVille loading problems.

Fans are demanding a statement from Zynga, who as of yet has not said anything about the FarmVille loading issues. The only response has been a notice in FarmVille (despite many not being able to load the game):

"FarmVille is currently experiencing some loading issues. "

I suppose we should be grateful that we were able to load FarmVIlle at all without any more loading issues or problems, but I really do hope FarmVille helps out those with withered crops somehow.

Hopefully this is resolved soon.
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