FarmVille cakes!

farmville cakes
farmville cakes

Looks like the trend of paying homage to your favorite game in dessert form continues. FarmVille recently held a contest and these 15 confections took the grand prize, which was 1,000 Farm Cash and 1 million coins. Not too shabby, eh? Kinda makes you want to see what you can do with a little flour and sugar.

farmville funhouse
farmville funhouse

My absolute favorite among the winners is this Fun House cake from HDGurl (based on the FarmVille funhouse item to the right) and she says that, yes, every bit of this cake is edible and no fondant or sugar paste was used in the construction.

"This cake was created in about 20-30 hours over the course of several days, and used approximately 4 lbs of modeling chocolate, making it fantastically delicious, and entirely eatable!

...This cake was near impossible to scale because of the lack of pictures with any angles, this was obviously because it is not a real structure. I think the challenge of that simple fact made the Fun House the obvious choice to create.

The "base" of this cake is two home-baked 9X13 chocolate fudge cakes, filled with chocolate raspberry mousse. The top 3D structures are made of rice krispy treats and melted chocolate chips as "glue".

Every figure was hand sculpted out of modeling chocolate (mixture of basically chocolate and corn syrup), & rice crispies... and the Caramel Apples have... of course... CARAMEL on them! Support for the signs, and barn were wooden skewers."

Also, a hats off to the 'Falling Leaves' cupcakes by Monica Groeger, the 'Gnome' cupcakes by mommagoes and the 'Happy Thanksgiving??' cake, by Silver Kathy, with a pig, sheep and cow sitting down at a feast. To see these FarmVille-themed sweets and more, click through the gallery below.


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