FarmVille Beekeeper Update: Bountiful Beekeeper Ribbon & Fertilize All Boosts


Remember when everyone was busy building Beehives in FarmVille? Back in July, it seemed like the entire game was focused on these buzzing bees, but since then, the only real purpose they've had in the game is ...well, they haven't really had an in-depth purpose, now that I think about it.

That all changes with an impromptu FarmVille update tonight, however, as Zynga has added a new Bee-themed ribbon to the game called Bountiful Beekeeper. This ribbon works similarly to the "Egg-cellent Discovery" ribbon, which was rewarded upon randomly receiving Mystery Eggs from your Chicken Coop, but in this case is rewarded after you've found a certain number of Fertilize All items when harvesting your Beehive.

That's right - there is now an even better reason to harvest your Beehives, in addition to just earning a certain number of coins for doing so. Not only can you earn Fertilize All items (they automatically appear in your Gift Box, and can be used to fertilize every crop currently growing on your farm, making them worth XP when harvested), but these Fertilize Alls will allow you to earn Ribbons, or the game's achievements, resulting in even more coins and experience points for your account.

Like all others, the Bountiful Beekeeper ribbon has four levels, with each requiring more and more Fertilize Alls to be found. The Yellow Ribbon requires that you find just five Fertilize All Boosts, and if you're lucky, you'll have this step finished in as many days.

The Bountiful Beekeeper Ribbon now brings the current total of all available ribbons to 39. How many of the others have you been able to complete to the Blue Ribbon level, and will you work on finishing this one as well? Sound off in the comments. Add comment