CityVille: Bug Fixes, Feed Rewards and Bonus Meter improved

If you're like me, you likely jumped straight into Zynga's newest title CityVille with great anticipation of building your own city from scratch, becoming a star mayor and earning the adoration of thousands of virtual little citizens. But if you're like me, playing the game as regularly as the staff here at - The Blog have been, you've also likely realized that no game is perfect, including Zynga's newest.

Luckily, the CityVille team looks to be jumping into the fray with full force, as the game has already undergone a fairly large game update, offering bug fixes, and some additions or improvements that should make your path to city-building that much easier (including a way to earn coins a bit faster than originally).

We have the full list of enhancements and changes behind the break, so meet us there!

First and foremost, the amount of news feed rewards has been changed, based on the category of the reward you're claiming. Instead of pulling from one overall pool of requests available for the day (like in FrontierVille), you can now claim 5 Rewards for each time of wall post. This means that you can claim 5 rewards that offer Goods, 5 rewards that offer energy, and 5 rewards that offer coins, etc. Basically, so long as your friends don't post every single thing that they come across, you should be able to now claim everything in sight without running out too quickly.

Next, the Bonus Meter (the meter that fills as you click on the reward items that appear as you complete tasks) has been altered greatly, with the pay outs for each level, and the number of clicks required to reach each level being adjusted. Zynga didn't say whether or not they adjusted this to allow quicker meter filling or slower meter filling, but after jumping into the game and collecting from our businesses this evening, we can definitely say that the meter has been altered for the better. As an example, I personally collected from just 9 businesses, and collected the bonus items that appeared without letting the Bonus Meter reset, and I received over 4,000 coins in the process!

This should definitely help users add expansions and build the more expensive buildings and decorations that are already available in the game.

As for bug fixes, the full list is posted on the official CityVille forums, and is as follows:
  • Pier Storage- Pier storage is now being added to the total storage.
  • Friends Filters - Gift/Invite page now has the appropriate friends filters
  • Daily Bonus - Day 5 of the daily bonus is now fixed
  • Negative cash/coins - City Cash and coins will no longer appear to have a negative value.
  • Quest Items and Inventory - Quest items will be added to inventory regardless of whether or not the inventory is full.
  • Blank Inventory - Inventory will no longer appear blank when it's full.
  • "Clear Trees" Goal - There is now an option to skip the quest for 1 City Cash.
  • Deleted HQ Building - If you accidentally delete your HQ building you receive another one after refresh.
One item in particular stands out to us on this list - that being the "Clear Trees" Goal update. We've heard complaints from many users that had already cleared out their entire city of trees, only to receive this quest and then be stuck, due to the fact that there town simply had no trees to cut down. While we would have preferred to see Zynga offer a better solution than forcing users to pay premium currency to move on (even if it is just 1 City Cash), I guess a solution is better than no solution.

Zynga says that this is just the first batch of upgrades and bug fixes that will hit the game in the coming days and weeks, so keep checking back with us as we bring you coverage of these game updates, as the CityVille community continues to grow.

Which of these enhancements or improvements are you most excited about seeing in CityVille? Are there any bugs or problems that you'd like Zynga to tackle next? Let us know what you think of CityVille's progress thus far in the comments. Add comment
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