CityVille: Bug Fixes, Feed Rewards and Bonus Meter improved

If you're like me, you likely jumped straight into Zynga's newest title CityVille with great anticipation of building your own city from scratch, becoming a star mayor and earning the adoration of thousands of virtual little citizens. But if you're like me, playing the game as regularly as the staff here at - The Blog have been, you've also likely realized that no game is perfect, including Zynga's newest.

Luckily, the CityVille team looks to be jumping into the fray with full force, as the game has already undergone a fairly large game update, offering bug fixes, and some additions or improvements that should make your path to city-building that much easier (including a way to earn coins a bit faster than originally).

We have the full list of enhancements and changes behind the break, so meet us there!