Christmas Decor From the Dollar Store Lets You Make Merry for Less

Christmas decor
Christmas decor

'Tis the season of over-spending. Light-up reindeer on the lawn and giant trees adorned in the latest Christmas ornaments aren't necessary to a happy holiday. The fact is, you don't need a sleigh-load of cash to decorate your home this Christmas. There's a lot to be said for understated holiday decorating but, even if you do like to go a little overboard in the spirit of good cheer, Christmas frills from the dollar store let you make merry for much less than if you were to buy all of your decorations from Walmart or Sears.

Marlene Alexander is a freelance writer and dollar store diva. Her new e-book will show you how to decorate, entertain and give beautiful gifts using only items from the dollar store.I like to fill my crackers with some chocolate, a Christmas riddle or quote and either a small toy for the kids or something useful like ear buds or a mini flashlight for the older kids and adults.There are jokes and hats provided but they are the same four jokes in each package of cracker kits and the so-called hats are only one-sided cutouts. Still, these four piece kits are worth the $1.25 price tag, considering that I paid over a buck for a package of 12 snappers alone. I was never big on the hat thing, anyway. Does anybody really like wearing those paper hats?