A Bad Credit Score's Nasty Surprises

Martha C. White
car insurance policy with car keys - credit score
car insurance policy with car keys - credit score

Regular WalletPop readers know by now how important their credit score is when it comes to taking out a loan for a house, car or home-improvement project. But even the financially savvy might not be aware of all the other ways that credit scores -- and credit reports -- can affect them day to day.

"We have a lot more clients these days who are interested in finding out more about their credit score," says Kristen Schell, credit building manager at nonprofit financial-services group Justine Petersen in St. Louis. That's because it's not only banks and other lenders who can pull your credit report.

"A lot of [our clients] are being turned down trying to rent an apartment," Schell tells WalletPop. "They get denied because of their credit. It could be anything from having a utility bill in collections or having a low score."