Travel to Croatia on a Budget

travel to croatia on a budget

It's easy for the uninformed to believe that the central European country of Croatia isn't worth visiting. However, this beautiful country is modernizing quickly while maintaining its majestic natural beauty and rich history. For those budget-conscious folks wanting to experience the splendor of Croatia, don't worry: there's plenty of opportunity to travel to Croatia on a budget.

First, know that the peak travel times - and thus the most expensive times - are during the summer months of the Northern Hemisphere. Plan on spending more money to fly to Croatia during the months of mid-June to early-September. For example, I found a one-person round-trip flight to Zagreb from St. Louis, Missouri in mid-February for $800 with taxes. The price jumped to over $1,300 in July and August. So if you're serious about budget travel to Croatia, consider the non-peak months.

There are several websites that can help you find cheap flights to Croatia. One site that may not immediately come to mind is Not only was I able to find some of the best flight deals to Croatia here, the company also tends to regularly offer discounts to both students and teachers who wish to see a little more of their world. And like always, I highly recommend using Orbitz' flexible stay search. Simply enter in your starting point, destination, and select option three. You can choose a maximum range of up to 30 days, helping you find the best cheap flights to Croatia. Also, don't be afraid to find the cheapest airline ticket you can to most any non-Croatian European city. From there it's likely you'll find a cheap flight to Croatia using one of the many European budget airlines.

You also have a wealth of other travel options that may save you money on your trip to Croatia. For example, you have the option of arriving to Croatia by water from Italy utilizing the Italy-Croatia ferry system. If you can find your way to Italy cheaply, the ferry may be just the way to get to Croatia on a budget. Taking the ferry to the gorgeous coastal city of Dubrovnik is always an attractive option. Additionally, renting a car and driving into Croatia from a neighboring country may be an option if you can find budget travel to countries near Croatia.

Finally, one other potential route for those wanting to see Croatia on a budget is looking into vacation packages. Over at, you can find numerous vacation packages to Croatia. The folks at European Destinations give you a lot of flexibility as well, letting you tailor your Croatian vacation package based upon your own needs. Many of the packages are quite reasonable, with slightly discounted airfare built in. If all else fails in your goal to travel to Croatia on a budget, a vacation package may be just what you need to make it happen.

Photo by Adamina, from Flickr
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