Top 3 Romantic Hotels in Venice, Italy

top 3 romantic hotels in venice, italy

A city of rich history and stunning architecture, opera, theatre, and art, all on hundreds of islands intercut with bridges and waterways like a child's wildest fantasy, Venice deserves it reputation as one of the most beautiful and awe-inspiring metros in the world. Whether walking its cobblestones or floating en gondola down one of its canals, it's hard not to feel the romance of Italy's living fantasia. And what better way to ensure that spark than to book at a room at one of Venice's top three romantic hotels?

Top 3 Romantic Hotels in Venice Italy - AD Place

This button-cute hotel near St. Mark's Place seems tailor-designed for wooing. In the heart of Venice, but away from the main travel thoroughfares, AD Place wins one over with its quiet charm and prim but luxuriant interior design, dressed as it is in warm reds and purples, tasteful hardwoods and decadent chandeliers. The whole hotel has the feel of an expensive wrapped chocolate: perfectly presented and begging to be tasted. (Note: There is no elevator for the hotel's three floors, so AD Place is unfortunately not handicapped-accessible).

Top 3 Romantic Hotels in Venice Italy - Hotel Canal Grande

As its name suggests, the small but exquisite Hotel Canal Grande has window and terrace views out on Venice's main aquatic artery where guests can sip a cocktail and watch the daily life of the Floating City pass them by. Rooms and interior are furnished in sensuous Rococo style, curved and filigreed, windows and beds decked in brocade and damask. With a reputation for excellent service and a flair for style, the Hotel Canal Grande is the kind of romantic hotel in which you fall in love again.

Top 3 Romantic Hotels in Venice Italy - Hotel Excelsior

If you're looking for romance on a grand scale, you can't do much better than the palatial accommodations at the Hotel Excelsior. Built in 1908 on Lido, the 7-mile sandy strip southwest of Venice proper, the Hotel Excelsior is a stunner of Moorish opulence overlooking its own private beach where you can toe the Adriatic or relax in one of the 400 white huts that line the shore. With its history, size (178 rooms and 19 suites), and two top-notch restaurants, the Excelsior has long been a focal point of Lido, a spot where celebrities and royalty rub elbows; with the resort's luxurious accommodations and impeccable service, you'll feel just like one of them.

Photo by Joseph Hunkins via Flickr
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