Sony Online releases James Patterson themed Facebook game


Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) has been growing a much bigger presence on Facebook with the release of PoxNora, The Agency: Covert Ops, Wildlife Refuge, and now Catch a Killer. This brand new game has just released tonight, and is a murder mystery game inspired (and branded with) the popular James Patterson fiction novels. This new game is part multiplayer virtual world and part hidden object game, and has that familiar SOE polish that their other games have been boasting.

In Catch a Killer, you act the part of a detective and play minigames in order to solve crimes. After arriving at crime scenes, it's up to you to click on various objects within the scene in order to find evidence. After you find this evidence, you play simple minigames to forensically evaluate it and to unlock the next part of the crime. The virtual world elements come in when you customize your avatar, and then walk into the City and chat in a multiplayer space with other detectives. You also have your own home to decorate any way you wish, and you can bring other players in to chat with them. The addition of live chat sets Catch a Killer apart from many other games on Facebook. Catch a Killer also uses a familiar energy mechanic to monetize the game and control session length.

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