Restaurant Workers, Check the Toilet Paper Dispenser or You Might Get Sued

Restaurant employees have one more thing to worry about. In addition to knowing how to deal with drunks and administer the Heimlich maneuver, they have to keep a sharp eye on the toilet paper dispenser.

A customer at Texas Roadhouse outside Detroit has successfully filed a lawsuit against the restaurant for injuries suffered when the dispenser fell on her hand, reports the Associated Press.

The plaintiff is Sheri Schooley who, at the time of the incident, was in a stall in the restaurant. She had taken care of "business." Then, she explains, "I reached and the cover of the toilet paper dispenser fell down on my hand." The result was a broken bone, which left her with no choice but to quit her job, which involved typing.

In reviewing the case, Chief Justice Marilyn Kelly of the Michigan Supreme Court noted that there was no evidence to indicate that the restaurant employees had inspected the toilet paper dispensers to determine if they were in operating condition.

The High Court granted Schooley the right to a jury trial and turned down the Texas Roadhouse's request to toss the case.

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