Man Arrested For Bringing Snakes On Plane

Police in the United Arab Emirates have arrested a Saudi man they say flew on an eight-hour flight from Indonesia to Abu Dhabi with four snakes in his carry-on luggage.

Unlike in the 2006 movie "Snakes on a Plane," the creatures were not released in flight.

The haul was found at a security checkpoint at Abu Dhabi airport.

The man was in transit, on his way to board an Etihad Airways flight to another unspecified Arab country, when a staffer noticed something moving in the box he was carrying.

Inside, were the snakes and, in separate compartments, two parrots and a squirrel. All the creatures were alive.

Police declined to say what type of species the snakes were, though there were some reports that they were non-venomous blood pythons.

It was unclear how the smuggled menagerie passed through security inspection in Indonesia.

"Carrying animals on board is strictly prohibited. In this case, other passengers' safety was at risk," Khamis al-Marar, Abu Dhabi's acting chief of security affairs and ports, tells The National newspaper.

Photo, Dawson, Wikimedia Commons.

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