Three Friends Decide to Kill Their Bosses in 'Horrible Bosses'


'Horrible Bosses' will be at your local movie house next July. But you don't have to wait until then to savor how it can feel to conspire with your friends to off your bosses. In fact, so many employees may start doing that, that bosses could pick up on the mood of mutiny and decide to, well, become human -- or at least act it.

'Horrible Bosses' has the plotline of three ordinary guys who have had with their bosses. No wonder. Those bosses are:

  • A controlling manipulator who is also on the high strung side

  • One of those boring dentist types who happens to be a nymphomaniac

  • The spoiled but compulsively greedy brat who inherited the family business

Meanwhile, you and your friends can hatch similar fantasy scenarios about the annoying authority figures who hover over your office cubicles. Leave an ad for 'Horrible Bosses' in their corner offices. Wear gloves when doing so.