Hiring Around the Globe is a Mixed Bag for 2011

Around the globe, hiring will be a mixed bag in 2011. That's what a survey of 36 nations by staffing company Manpower Inc. found, reports The Wall Street Journal. This survey has been receiving a lot of attention in the worldwide media.

The time frame for the Manpower survey was the first quarter of 2011, as compared to that same time period in 2010. Of the nations, 28 expected stronger hiring than had taken place a year earlier. Those nations ranged from India and China to the U.S. and Italy. The weakest hiring was anticipated in Greece, followed by South Africa and Austria.

Overall, those predicted hiring plans indicate a steady pace of recovery. However, Manpower Chief Executive Officer Jeffrey Joerres notes, 'Nonetheless, the global market still has a long way to go.' Optimists view this kind of scenario as a definite sign of things getting better. After all, hiring levels could have remained flat or even declined.

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