Game of the Day: Kitten Cannon

Game of the day - Kitten Cannon
Game of the day - Kitten Cannon

The Game of the Day is back, and it's back with with good cheer! Kitten Cannon or Kitty Cannon (as it's often called) is an oldie but a goodie. In Kitten Cannon, you control your small kitty cannon and fire your unsuspecting kitty across a field trying to get your feline friend as far as you can. Along your kitty's path are power ups and hazards that will add or hinder your kitty's progress. The game is funny, good humored and will hopefully bring you a laugh or two.

Please note: No one at - The Blog! advocates cruelty to animals. In fact, I was the last hold out on getting a cat. Everyone here is a cat owner and lover of cats in general. My cat's name is The Colonel --> Check him out here.

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