FrontierVille Cheats and Tips: The Dinner Triangle

Dinner Triangle
Dinner Triangle

For the more popular pioneers out there, waking up to a ton of visits from friends in FrontierVille can at times be more of a pain than a blessing. Especially for those with fully expanded homesteads. This is because visitors can appear almost anywhere on the map such as behind trees, buildings or even tall crops. And you and I both know that the little star that above our characters' heads barely helps us keep track of our own pioneer much less others if it were placed on them.

This is exactly why Zynga introduced an item called the "Dinner Triangle" a ways back to FrontierVille. This functional item will literally summon all of your visiting friends and family to its location when clicked. Obviously, this is essentially the end to all of your neighbors' hide-and-seek games. Not to mention how handy it would be for missions like the recent Family Quests. However, the item costs 10,000 coins and 10 Wood to purchase from the Market.

So, just make sure you're well in between quests before picking this terribly useful item up as it'll set you far back for a while. Though, if you consider yourself a lucky fellow, the Dinner Triangle can appear in Mystery Boxes, but I wouldn't bank on that happening anytime soon. If your shy neighbors are truly bugging you that much, just pony up and buy the item. Besides, if you're friends visit you in such numbers that often, it'll pay for itself in no time.

[Image Credit: FrontierVille Wiki]

Do you use the Dinner Triangle to wrangle your friends in for easy clicking? What other tips do you have for finding lost friends on your homestead? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.