FrontierVille Barbecue Party Timed Mission: Everything you need to know

It's rare that we see new timed missions in FrontierVille being released day-after-day like this (see yesterday's launch of the Playtime! mission), but such a thing has happened this afternoon, as Zynga has launched the "Barbecue Party!" mission in FrontierVille.

The Barbecue Party! mission is a timed mission, that must be accepted before the year's end. You'll have five days to complete this mission, which will see you collecting two sets of items, and selling off some adult animals within a five day time limit to receive your bounty of prizes.

For a complete look at what it takes to pass this new timed mission, meet us behind the break.

Once you activate the mission on your account, you'll have five days to complete three tasks:

Sell Ten Adult Pigs
Collect Ten Carving Knives
Collect Ten Special Seasonings

All of these tasks can be completed by spending Horseshoes (as seen in the image above), but if you'd rather go the free (or at least cheaper route, if you don't already have 10 pigs), you can do that as well.

For the Adult Pigs, you can either sell any adult pigs you may already have on your Homestead, or you can purchase pigs from the market for 365 coins each. These pigs grow to adulthood after being fed 9 times, with each feeding being possible every 6 hours, regardless of the growth state of the pig (it will start as a Baby pig, and then move into Child, Adolescent, and finally Adult stages).

Meanwhile, the Carving Knives will look pretty familiar to those of you who were playing the game back during the Thanksgiving event, as we needed to collect them to complete the "Put on the First Course!" mission. If you didn't have any leftover knives from that event, you can click on the "Ask Friends" button to send individual gift requests to your FrontierVille neighbors, asking them to send you a Knife. If a friend asks you for one instead, you will receive one for your helping them out - it's a "Give one, get one" situation.

The Special Seasoning bottles, however, are gathered differently, as you'll have to post a news item to your wall asking your friends to send you a Seasoning. If you see a friend asking for one on your news feed, be sure to click to help them, as you'll receive a Special Seasoning in return.

If you can complete the mission within the five day time limit, you'll receive three rewards for your trouble: 2 Lunch energy items (worth 15 Energy each), a Smoker decorative item, and 250 XP. This is in addition to the 415 coins you will have earned for selling each one of your 10 Adult Pigs to finish that step in the mission.

If you don't have 10 Pigs readily available on your farm, it might be smart to wait on activating the mission until you do. That way, you can take your time growing your ten pigs to adulthood, and can sell them immediately when you do finally activate the mission, all without worrying about running out of time. Likewise, if you have a lot of friends that play FrontierVille, it's entirely possible to have all of the Carving Knives and Special Seasonings necessary before ever starting the mission yourself, if you keep a sharp eye out (get it? Knives = sharp? ...sorry) requests from your friends.

As always, we'd love to hear what you think of this new timed mission in FrontierVille. Do you think the rewards are worth selling ten pigs? Do you wish that the Special Seasonings were available to earn in a different way? Sound off in the comments. Add comment
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