FarmVille thong: The holiday gift that keeps on giving

farmville thong
farmville thong

Today, I was on the hunt for a few cool FarmVille-themed holiday gifts for my virtual farming obsessed friends and ran across this thong.

OK, so it's not an official FarmVille branded thing, but this cotton panty with red barn and silo imprinted on the front is the perfect silly gift for a friend who's obsessed enough with their virtual crops that they'd actually consider wearing farm-themed underwear.

The FarmVille thong is available on CafePress for $13 in size small, medium or large. Not sure if I can really vouch for the fact that these are 'Made in the USA,' but if you're one of those people who avoid buying things that may or may not be made places with lax child labor laws, well, there you go.