68 Percent of Firms Hiring in Next Six Months

About 68 percent of companies surveyed this month by search firm Mergis Group said they would be hiring in the next six months.

The lion's share, or two-thirds of them, indicated that recruiting would be for financial and accounting personnel, reports Fins.com. About 98 percent of the hires would be full-time permanent employees.

This shows that the entire economy is not mutating into one of free agents or contract workers without any security, benefits, or even a nameplate on their cubicle.

Back in 2001, way before the Great Recession that had employers rushing to reduce costs, trend watcher Daniel Pink published the book 'Free Agent Nation.' Essentially, Pink was issuing a manifesto that stated we would all be showing up for work daily at some temporary agency like Manpower. Or, if we were go-getters we would be the ones starting up and running the firms that hired or were engaging in many other kinds of self employment. Maybe Pink overstated it a bit. Or maybe he was just ahead of his time.

-- 10 Companies Hiring Right Now

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