US Airways Plane Makes Emergency Landing After Dog Bites Two Onboard

A US Airways flight headed from Newark to Phoenix made an emergency landing in Pittsburgh after a small dog onboard bit a passenger and a flight attendant.

US Airways spokesman Todd Lehmacher tells The Associated Press a passenger on Flight 522 brought the dog on the plane in a pet carrier and let the animal loose during the flight.

After the dog bit two people, the pilot decided to land the plane as soon as possible, to make sure "everyone was okay," Lehmacher says. How bad the bites were was not known.

The airline allows small dogs onboard in approved pet carriers that are supposed to be kept -- with the dog inside -- under passenger seats.

In this case, the dog owner opened the cage having been told not to, a US Airways spokeswoman tells Reuters. It was unclear whether charges would be filed against the dog owner.

The breed of the dog was not immediately known.

Photo, cliff1066, flickr.

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