Unabomber Property for Sale: It's a Bomb

The Unabomber was not known for his luxurious digs, but at least the price is right on the resale. A 1.4-acre parcel of property in the woods near Lincoln, Mont., best-known as the former home of Ted Kaczynski, is for sale at $69,500, recently reduced from $154,500. Kaczynski, 68, a former math professor, lived in a wood cabin on the site without electricity and water where he fashioned mail bombs, which killed three people and injured 23 others, and wrote his insane 35,000-word rant against modernity. The cabin is now in a museum and Kaczynski is in jail, serving a life sentence in Colorado. The agent said that electricity could be run from a home a few lots down. So far, no takers.

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