Top Chef Challenge on Facebook: Please pack your knives and go

top chef challenge
top chef challenge

Top Chef Challenge, a new Facebook game which launched same night at the debut of Top Chef All Stars (what a coinky-dink!) lets you choose for your favorite chef from the new show (comprised of 18 chefs from previous seasons) and earn them as many points as possible by logging into the game daily to complete challenges.


The advergame works like this: Choose a "Chef'testant" that you want to root for, and then you'll be presented with a series of challenges, which when completed, will earn your chef points for the week. The first day's challenges include sharing your pick -- twice -- on Facebook or Twitter, each resulting in a certain number of points for your pick. Once the first two challenges are complete, then you're given a link to share with friends on Twitter and Facebook, which links directly back to the application. Do this to earn more points for your chef. The chef with the most points at the end of the week will in the challenge, and you can track your chef's standings in a leaderboard.

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