Stocks Are Becoming the Only Game in Town [Video]

The bulls have been on a stampede so far in December, putting the major averages on the cusps of their 52-weeks highs. The S&P 500 ($INX) gained 3.7% in just the last three days. Even Friday's disastrous jobs report failed to stop the rally.

The market's hot start to the month -- and remarkable resilience despite a surprise jump in the unemployment rate -- bodes well for the bulls into the home stretch of 2010 and beyond, says Cort Gwon, director of research and trading strategies at FBN Securities.

Stock market outlook
Stock market outlook

The Federal Reserve's second round of quantitative easing, or QE2, is having the intended effect of boosting assets prices, at least in the stock and commodities market, Gwon says. The way traders turned last week's bad news about jobs into good news for stocks was almost a perverse testament to the efficacy of the Fed's plan.

"QE2 is going to add $100 billion in liquidity per month for the next six or seven months," says Gwon. "And that's good because when you have a bad number like the jobs number on Friday, you're going to have the government add liquidity to the market."

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A weaker dollar and a pickup in cash mergers and acquisitions also factor into Gwon's bullish outlook. But perhaps most important is the fact that stocks have finally put up decent-enough returns on the year to make the paltry yields on bonds almost impossible to tolerate.

"I'm fairly bullish here to until the end of the year and probably through the first quarter of 2011 because of money coming out of fixed income," says Gwon. "Rates are so low, people really have no choice or no option of where to put their money. It's going to come into the stock market."

For more on Gwon's view from the floor of the New York Stock Exchange (NYX), see the video above.