Psychic Charges $125 to Give You a Peek Into the Afterlife


The medical community is paying attention to the link between the body and mind. The belief that healing the body can start with healing thought processes is standard at the University of Massachusetts Medical School's Stress Reduction Program. Therefore, Penelope Zannikos's career path in assisting the seriously ill with their afterlife concerns could go mainstream, eventually.

However, right now, the medical community tends to be skeptical of what Zannikos claims she does, reports the New York Post. Therefore, Zannikos, who classifies herself as a psychic, enters treatment facilities with her purpose of her patient visit under wraps. For $125 a session, she opens the door to the afterlife for those who want a sneak peek of what's on the other side and assess if they can handle it. Beyond the white light, which fictional Melinda Gordon leads people through on 'Ghost Whisperer,' could be a delightful or a jarring experience. If the latter, those Zannikos counsels might tend to hang out longer in this life. For example, they don't want to meet up on the other side folks from their past.

When it comes to Zannikos' role, care centers might be concerned about legal liability. Suppose the patient or family alleges that the psychic intervention worsened the health status. In more standard roles, psychics get themselves off the legal hook by the explicit disclaimer that their services are for entertainment purposes only.