Playing Hooky? Beware, Your Boss May Be Spying On You!

Using sick days when not sick used to be called "having a mental health day," "sticking it to the man," or "taking what's due you." Well, you better rethink that or get a lot more technologically clever on how you go about it.

Employers have had it with employees who play hooky. This is no surprise given the stepped-up drive for increased productivity. So, employers have been ponying up $75 an hour or more for private investigators to spy on the supposedly sick, reports Eric Spitznagel in Bloomberg Business Week.

The tactics are often as sophisticated and devious as you hear about in investigations of much more serious cases of suspected fraud.

But the really shocking aspect of this spying on malingering employees is that it's not against the law. When a fired employee who had been caught abusing paid medical leave sued Raybestos Products for snooping on her, the 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals tossed her case.

Instead of caving to the employer's attempt to end sick-day abuse, some technologically savvy employees are simply outfoxing the man. For example, using the SpoofCard, a product sold by TelTech Systems, employees key in a 10-digit phone number that will appear on their employer's Caller ID when they phone in sick. Actually the employee could be off somewhere in the mountains skiing or even moonlighting at a second job.

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