Pet Society Deck the Halls Theme adds a modern flair to the holidays

Evolving Mystery Christmas Tree
Evolving Mystery Christmas Tree

With a fresh coat of snow blanketing Pet Society, it's about time Playfish introduced its holiday-themed item set to match the recent Advent Calendars and WWF Carolers. In the game's new and shiny Deck the Halls theme, players will find a slew of items with a modern twist on this month's gift-giving days. To start, Pet Society has an all-new collaborative gift, the Giant Holiday Cake Table.

After finding it in the Pet Workshop through clicking on the hammer icon on the right hand side of the screen, you'll have the option of asking 20 of your friends to help build the massive dessert or paying up 40 Playfish Cash to finish it instantly. And for those who can only get so far with friends, the Playfish Cash price will reduce according to the amount of friends you enlist help from. Be sure to remind your friends that a coin reward is waiting for them if they decide to help--a little motivation goes a long way.

In just seven hours as of this writing, a limited edition Baby Reindeer will be on sale for just 2,500 coins. It's unsure how many will be made available, but you'll want to be online at 6 p.m. EST if you want a shot at nabbing this adorably white fawn. Aside from new limited edition items coming out almost daily, there is another interestingly lively item in town.