Official FarmVille Podcast (December 6, 2010) - Holiday Tree & Snowman events detailed


In this week's installment of the official FarmVille podcast, FarmVille Community Manager Lexilicious gave us a new sneak peek of items and features that will be coming to FarmVille in the near future.

The biggest news coming from this edition of the FarmVille podcast is an official confirmation that the holiday collection event will take place through a Holiday Tree. However, for those expecting an identical feature to last year's event, there will be some changes that have taken place this year. Like last year, you will need to collect Holiday presents and then place them into your tree. As you add more gifts, the tree will grow and change in appearance.

However, unlike last year, these presents can be turned in for a series of new decorative (or perhaps even functional - that remains to be seen) items once you've collected enough presents to trade them in for these items. This makes the Holiday Tree event almost identical to the other collection events that have taken place this year. For those wondering how this differs from last year, each present in 2009 was its own individual gift. There were no items to trade in for - instead, we were forced to wait until December 24, when we could open each present we have been given individually, for a series of holiday themed decorations, animals, and the like.

Additionally, once the Holiday Tree has been released in the game, you will be able to collect free presents from the Winter Workshop, just as we collected free candy from the Haunted House in the Halloween collection event.

When you redeem your presents for collection items, you'll be able to pick which friends you'd specifically like to share and extra present with, rather than just sharing one for the first person who happens to click on it on your wall. Players who participate in this event will also receive a very special present from Zynga at some point, but little other details were announced.

Finally, a new "Snowman" feature will be coming to the game in the future. This feature will allow users to have snowball fights with their friends on their farms. With all of that snow flying around, you'll soon receive a large pile of snow which you can transform into a Snowman, that will eventually dance for you, if you can find the right item to make it do so. This sounds like a Frosty the Snowman reference - could we collect his Top Hat to make him dance? We'll see in the coming days and weeks.

If you'd like to hear the complete Podcast, which includes a recap of recent releases, you can listen to it in its entirety at the top of this post. Note: There is no music in this installment, which explains the silence at the beginning of the video. Don't distress - this is an accurate video.

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Which feature are you most looking forward to seeing in FarmVille - the Holiday Tree, or the Dancing Snowman? Sound off on both of these upcoming features in the comments. Add comment

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