Hillary Clinton Hawks Her DVD on HSN to Pay Off Debt

hilary clintonU.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is hawking a DVD of her 2008 Democratic National Convention speech on Home Shopping Network, reports U.S. News and World Report. The reason? Like the rest of you, Clinton has debt to pay off.

Clinton's debt isn't from charges made to credit cards, overdue mortgage payments, or her daughter's college tuition. The nut is left over from Clinton's campaign for president back in 2008. Remember how a once-unknown Barack Obama shellacked her.

So, what's the deal? In an e-mail to her supporters, Clinton explains that for ponying up 50 bucks they will receive just the DVD. Clinton doesn't pitch that option with any great enthusiasm. See, for only $250 bucks, you will receive a "signature DVD" -- that is one signed by Clinton -- along with a video.

If sales aren't brisk enough, I wonder if Home Shopping Network will throw in a commemorative Clinton pants suit for the first 25 callers.

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