Get an iPhone 4 at Radio Shack for $25

woman examines an iPhone  -- iPhone 4 radio shack
woman examines an iPhone -- iPhone 4 radio shack

Radio Shack and the Apple Store may be at opposite ends of the spectrum when you think of buying an iPhone, but a deal this week at Radio Shack that reduces the cost of a 16GB iPhone 4 to $25 may move The Shack to the top of your list when buying electronic gadgets.

The one-week sale started Saturday and runs through Dec. 11 at Radio Shack's brick-and-mortar stores. It is not available online.

To get the $25 iPhone 4, the deal requires trading in a working iPhone 3GS for a $125 credit and taking the $50 that Radio Shack is cutting off all iPhone handsets, according to AppleInsider. The 16GB iPhone 4 typically sells for $199. The sale is for new customers to AT&T or those eligible for upgrade pricing. Radio Shack has an eligibility checker to see if you can upgrade to a new phone.