FarmVille Winter Holiday Decorations: Winter Tower, Gingerbread Arch, Glacier Falls & More

In tonight's FarmVille update, we see the release of quite a few new decorative items in the game's store. These items are in the Winter Holiday theme of limited edition items, and contain items that we've given you a sneak peek of in the past, along with completely new items, like a Gingerbread Arch.

Meet us behind the break for a complete look at these new items.

First, there is one new building available to purchase - the Winter Tower. It costs 18 Farm Cash to purchase, but you'll earn 1800 experience points for making such a splurge.

The other items are strictly decorations, with a few fitting in more with an outdoor decoration theme rather than something purely "holiday." These are the Glacier Falls (a large white and blue mountain with a waterfall pouring out of the top), an Ice Fishing Lake, and a Snowy Forest. The Glacier Falls costs 20 Farm Cash, the Ice Fishing Lake is 15 Farm Cash, and the Snowy Forest costs 200,000 coins.

The other decorative items are a Gingerbread Arch, making a return from last year, which costs 5 Farm Cash, and a Nutcracker Gnome, which costs 18 Farm Cash.

Regardless of which item you choose to purchase, they will all be available in the game for the next 19 days. If you've yet to start decorating for the holiday in FarmVille, you now have tons of items to choose from, in addition to these newest releases, so I hope you've been saving up the coins and Farm Cash necessary to make your farm something to behold this winter!

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Which of these items are you going to purchase for your farm first? Have you splurged on any Farm Cash items from this theme, or are you sticking with those that just cost coins? Sound off in the comments.

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