FarmVille Mystery Game (12/05/10): Lemmings, Stallions, & Rams, oh my!


As Zynga has transitioned from a traditional Tuesday / Thursday game update schedule in FarmVille to one that takes place on Wednesday and Sunday (a change for the holiday season), tonight's FarmVille update sees the launching of a new Mystery Game, complete with more new animals than you can shake a stick at.

This week's game is advertised as containing items from the Winter Wonderland theme, and it costs 20 Farm Cash per individual dart, if you'd like to play. We can confirm that the items inside are as follows:

Black Mini Stallion
Musk Ox
White Ram
White Ermelin
Snow Lemmings
Eider Duck

You'll probably recognize most of these animals from various FarmVille Sneak Peeks we've offered you over the past few weeks, it's just unfortunate that it turns out they'll cost Farm Cash to actually add to your farm.

This edition of the FarmVille Mystery Game will only be available for the next 6 days, so start shopping for those darts now if you want a chance at collecting all of these items.

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Which of these animals would you most like to win from the Mystery Game this week? Will you spend 20 Farm Cash to try your hand at this game?