FarmVille Holiday Limited Edition Showcase 2 [video]


For those farmers looking for a visual sneak peek of new items that are confirmed to be coming to FarmVille in the near future, Zynga has released the "Holiday Limited Edition Theme Showcase 2" video. It's only 10 seconds long, but it shows some pretty neat goodies!

Some of these items have already been released in the game - like the Glacier Falls and the Snowy Forest, seen at the far left and right of the video (you can check out our full coverage of these items by clicking here). Other items, though, are all new, like what appears to be a beautiful snow-covered mansion. Could this be a fabulous mountain retreat? A Ski Resort? A home away from home for some of Hollywood's most famous? As of right now, we're not exactly sure, but the building is awesome to look at nonetheless.

Other items seen in the video include an animated Snow Globe with what appears to be a mother and baby Polar Bear inside, a goat with a scarf and ear-muffs to protect itself from the cold of the winter, and two items that are apparently making a return from last year - those being the Silver and Gold ornaments seen in the middle of everything. These two items were available as presents from last year's Holiday Tree event, so it will be interesting as to whether or not these will once again only be receivable from this year's tree, or if they will be released in the store as well (hopefully they are, and hopefully NOT for Farm Cash).

When the rest of these items are released in the game, no matter where they happen to show up, we'll be sure to let you know.

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While we wait for these items to launch, let us know which one you are most looking forward to adding to your farm this holiday season? We personally like the decorative building the most, but which one is your favorite? Sound off in the comments.