Egg Nog at Office Holiday Party Costs You Four Points

Weight Watchers just threw a wrench in your plans to be "good," at least with your eating and drinking at the office holiday party.

For example, that half cup of egg nog you planned to have will set you back four points instead of the three you factored in, reports The New York Times. On the other hand, according to Weight Watchers new program called PointsPlus, you can binge on most of the vegetables and fruits at the office party without any points.

Skip the dip. If your company can afford a sit-down dinner and a side is potato latke, better restrict yourself to one. Two now total seven points instead of the former five.

Weight Watchers' revised approach to weight reduction is based on the scientific theory that a calorie is not just a calorie. Different types of calories are processed by the body differently. Therefore, its point system is different, including the total daily allowance.

However, not every nutritionist would agree. Take the so-called "Twinkie Man" Mark Haub who lost 27 pounds on a diet of Twinkies, Doritos, and Oreos. A professor of human nutrition at Kansas State University, Haub is convinced that a calorie is a calorie. Consume fewer calories than you burn up and you will lose weight.

Warning: Be prepared to defend your food choices not only at the office party but also concerning what you nibble at your desk and at McDonald's. Weight Watchers has about 750,000 disciples, who may be counting your points -- even if you're not.

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