Cafe World Cooking Academy Light Blue Cravat Missions: Everything you need to know

The Cafe World Cooking Academy continues to expand in Cafe World, turning into one of the biggest features we've seen released in the game, since perhaps the introduction of the Catering Business. Today, we find that the series of missions leading to your own individual graduation from the in-game Cooking Academy has expanded.

After completing the series of introductory missions, and then earning your Dark Blue Cravat, you'll be told by Chef Matty that you can now make your way through your "studies" as the Cooking Academy (that is, complete more missions), in order to earn a Light Blue Cravat, signifying your progress towards becoming a world famous chef.

Meet us behind the break for everything you need to know about this series of Light Blue Cravat missions.

The first part of the Light Blue Cravat mission set is called "Upgrading I" and it can be either incredibly easy, or incredibly time consuming, depending on your in-game level. The quest asks you to Serve Triple Berry Cheesecake 12 times, Earn 5000 coins (through selling dishes - any dish will do, and in any combination of dishes), and Upgrade your Cafe to the Corner Cafe Expansion.

The Triple Berry Cheesecake is a 12 Hour dish, but you can finish this portion of the quest more quickly if you decide to use some time-saving Spices (if you happen to have any available in your Spice Rack, that is). It's the other two portions of this quest that might be tricky if you're just starting out with the game, as 5,000 coins may take a long time to earn if you only have a handful of serving stations (and even less stoves), or simply don't have the coins to purchase dishes that would earn a lot of coins in return without taking a lot of extra time. Finally, the Corner Cafe is the second expansion available to purchase in the store for 5,000 coins (you must have three neighbors to unlock access to it). Note: If you've already moved past the Corner Cafe in your own Cafe's expansion, this step will be checked for your automatically.

The rewards for completing this part of the quest are 100 coins and 25 Cafe Points.

The second part of the Light Blue Cravat mission set is called "Upgrading II" and it deals with the recently released Collections Cabinet. The tasks therein are to "Place the Collections Cabinet," "Complete the Collections Cabinet," and "Serve Clubhouse Sandwich 8 times." For those who have already placed and completed the Collections Cabinet, these two steps will be completed for you automatically, but for those who haven't, check out our complete guide to the Collections Cabinet here. As for the Clubhouse Sandwiches, they will take 18 hours to cook, unless you choose to Spice them and speed up the cooking time (or place them on a faster Lightning Stove).

The reward for completing this mission is 10 Cafe Cash. Yes, that's right - Cafe Cash - the game's premium currency, which should make most users fairly happen that they've gone through the trouble of completing all of the missions leading up to this point.

Unfortunately, after you reach this point, the Cooking Academy missions stop, without letting us earn our White Cravats. We're told that more features to the Cooking Academy are "coming soon," and that we should go back to completing other goals while we wait. For lower level players, this seems fine, as it's unlikely that they will have finished everything, but for higher level players, the amount of "hand-holding" taking place with these tutorial-like quests has made some veterans want to revolt. In fact, an entire discussion has started on the official Cafe World forums to that effect.

We'll be sure to let you know when more of the Cooking Academy missions open up for users to complete, and what effect this will all have on the Specialty section of the cookbook, which will apparently open up for users upon their graduation from the Academy.

That all being said, we want to know what you guys think about these missions. What level are you in Cafe World? Have you finished these missions, or are you still waiting on certain dishes to cook? Is the 10 Cafe Cash bonus at the end really worth all of the time it takes to finish these three sets of missions? Sound off in the comments. Add comment
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