Cafe World Company Holiday Party Catering Job: Everything you need to know

While we (unfortunately) may not be able to decorate our Cafe World cafes for the holidays, as Zynga has yet to release new decorations fitting in such a theme, we can still celebrate a bit of the holiday spirit with a new Cafe World Catering Job called "Company Holiday Party."

This job will see you serving two dishes and collecting three different items in your quest to unlock the 3-star bonus, and receive a new, exclusive recipe in the process.

Meet us behind the break for a full look at this new order.

The Company Holiday Party has just two dishes that must be cooked, but they require fairly high quantities of both. You'll need to serve Clubhouse Sandwiches 178 times, and Spicy Devil Eggs 90 times (or spend 20 Cafe Cash, or 16 Cafe Cash to unlock these steps, respectively, if you so choose).

Both of these dishes take 18 hours to cook, which is a heck of a long time, considering the fact that you only have three days to finish this job with a three star rating. Speaking of, the three star rating will reward you with 12 Catering Points, 4,725 Cafe Points (the game's experience points), 113,400 coins, and the Snack Platter recipe, which is only available through completing the Catering Order.

You have 5 days to earn the two-star rating, which rewards 8 Catering Points, 3,375 Cafe Points and 81,000 coins, while finishing the job anytime after the full five day time limit will reward you with a single-star rating. This equates to 4 Catering Points, 2,025 Cafe Points, and 48,600 coins. Sure, earning three stars would be nice, but when you can earn over 2,000 experience points for simply finishing the mission, regardless of time, it makes this one definitely seem worthwhile.

The other part of this job asks you to collect 30 items with the help of friends. You'll need to collect 10 Santa Hats, 10 Secret Santa Gifts, and 10 Catering Utensil Sets. You can either purchase these for 2 Cafe Cash each (that is, 20 Cafe Cash total, if you wanted to purchase all 10 of one item), or you can click on the "Ask for More" button next to any of the items to be taken to a reverse of the game's free gifts page, where you can ask individual friends for help in collecting the items you need.

As for the cooking portion of this job, you can have a total of 11 crew members, including yourself, working on this job. Since the job just launched, it's likely that you'll find a lot of friends who are actively working on completing it as well, so your best bet is to jump in with them sooner, rather than later, so you can take advantage of as much help as you possibly can (after all, it would be impossible to finish the job within three days just by yourself).

To add members to your Crew, simply click on the "Ask for Help!" button (seen at the bottom of the image above) to send out requests for users to join your crew, or head to the Catering Business menu window and click on the "Help Friends" button to see friends who have already started the job. From there, you can voluntarily join in, no questions asked, so long as there is still room in that friend's crew.

Since we're not sure when Zynga will actually release Holiday themed decor in Cafe World (we can only assume that they will, but even that isn't guaranteed), this looks like it might be as close as we get to celebrating the season in the game anytime soon. We'll be sure to let you know when and if that changes in the future.

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Have you started the Company Holiday Party Catering Mission, or are you still trying to finish another mission? What do you think of the requirements needed to complete this mission? Too hard? Too few crew members allowed? Sound off in the comments. Add comment
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