Best Au Gratin Potatoes? We Rank the House Brands

Best au gratin potatoes
Best au gratin potatoes

It was practically yesterday when we gobbled up our Thanksgiving turkeys and more holiday cooking is just ahead. And if money wasn't tight in November, it's tight now, with all the gifts to get. December is not a great month for the college kid's wallet.

That's why buying store brands is particularly important this time of year -- so long as they're worth it. Last month, Store Brand Scorecard reviewed national-brand and store-brand varieties of classic Thanksgiving sides such as cornbread stuffing, jellied cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie. In all three tests, the most expensive weren't the best.

We'll see if that's the case for each of the next three weeks' columns as we test dishes for the season. First up is au gratin potatoes: a classic, cheesy, and easy comfort dish, perfect for keeping you warm.