Ally Financial Hiring in the Hope of an IPO

Ally Financial, which used to be lending arm GMAC for GM, went through an extreme makeover. The result is a separate company hoping to become a public one able to access capital by selling stock. To help Ally Financial get where it needs to be for that Initial Public Offering [IPO], it has been hiring and continues to hire, reports Kyle at

Yes, Ally is in a growth mode. In its most recent quarter, its lending to U.S. consumers who buy cars totaled $8.3 billion. That's up 48 percent from the same period last year. What might be helping its growth has been its organizational values. They are:

  • Talk straight
  • Do right
  • Be obviously better

Ally lists openings on its career site. Recently, there were more than 200. Check to determine if your skills fit with what Ally needs. Keep in mind that this is a lending company. If you have some grasp of financial services, particularly consumer loans, and any background in the auto industry, you might be an ideal applicant.

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