Cafe World Maxwell House Coffee Promotion: Win 50,000 Cafe Cash for brewing a cup!


This month, Zynga has launched a new cross-promotional activity and contest in Cafe World with Maxwell House coffee. The event is called the "Maxwell House Coffee Challenge," and it will only be available for the next 10 days.

Within that time, all users that master the Maxwell House Coffee and "Cafe Style Beverages" from their Coffee Machine will be entered to win a grand prize of 50,000 Cafe Cash! With the current rate of exchange on purchasing Cafe Cash (some Cafe Cash packages are 15% off), this equates to a prize currently valued at just over $5,400 US! Yes, that's 5 thousand dollars! The winner of this prize would be able to splurge on any new premium item they could ever want, and make their Cafe the star attraction for all of their friends to visit!

If you don't win the Grand Prize, there are still plenty of other goodies up for grabs, as 100 Chefs will win 10 Lightning Super Stoves (a valuable prize in its own right), and 100 other Chefs will win a Limited Edition decorative item in the form of a Maxwell House Coffee Maker.

The drinks necessary to master are found in the Coffee Machine under the new "Maxwell House" tab. There are four drinks to master, with energy costs ranging from 12 to 43 Energy per brew. Even though they may be pricey, you've got more than a week to earn yourself a place in this contest, so brew your guests a cup (or 10) soon to make the most of this event!

Will you enter the Maxwell House Coffee Challenge in Cafe World? What would you do if you won the gigantic prize of 50,000 Cafe Cash? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!

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