Cafe World Cooking Academy Dark Blue Cravat Missions: Everything you need to know

Yesterday, we brought you a detailed look at the Cooking Academy entry missions in Cafe World - those missions that you must complete in order to have your application into this new Academy (in-game feature) accepted.

After you complete that series of missions, you are given another letter by Chef Matty, congratulating you on your acceptance into the Academy, and introducing you to the concept of a "Cravat," a neck tie that chefs wear to keep themselves cool in a hot kitchen. The Cravat is a status symbol, with the color of the fabric representing how much experience you have with cooking. Of course, as a new student in the Cooking Academy, you'll need a Cravat (new students receive one of a Dark Blue color) so a new series of missions are opened for you to earn one for yourself.

Meet us after the break for details on how to earn your own Dark Blue Cravat.

The Cravat missions are a pair of tasks that will have you further preparing to join the Academy by helping you to look the part. The first mission is called "Spice it up," and it asks you to Serve White Radish Cake 12 times, and spice 4 Dishes. The White Radish Cake will take a full day to cook normally (that is, without adding spices or putting it on a faster Lightning Stove). Meanwhile, you can easily complete the spicing portion of this mission by applying Power Pepper or Super Salt to four dishes (the same dish can be spiced more than once to count, if you're lacking in dishes), as most players have an overabundance of these at their disposal.

The rewards for this mission are 25 Cafe Points and 1000 coins. This also unlocks the second mission in the series, which is called "Spruce up your Cafe." This mission has more steps, which might be fairly expensive, depending on the choices you make to complete them. The mission asks you to purchase 3 Decor items, Purchase 10 Wall Tiles, and Purchase 20 Wall Tiles. As a note, you must purchase the items, as simply pulling items out of your inventory does not count.

The rewards for this second mission are 25 Cafe Points and 100 coins. After passing both of these missions, you'll receive your final letter (as of this writing) from Chef Matty, congratulating you on earning your Dark Blue Cravat. He'll tell you that two more colors are available, starting with the Light Blue Cravat, which will eventually open up a new quest set.

We'll be sure to let you know what these new quests entail in the future, so keep checking back with us!

Have you gained entry into the Cafe World Cooking Academy? Will you keep completing missions in order to earn your Dark Blue Cravat? Share your thoughts on this new feature with us in the comments.
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