Cafe World Cooking Academy Dark Blue Cravat Missions: Everything you need to know


Yesterday, we brought you a detailed look at the Cooking Academy entry missions in Cafe World - those missions that you must complete in order to have your application into this new Academy (in-game feature) accepted.

After you complete that series of missions, you are given another letter by Chef Matty, congratulating you on your acceptance into the Academy, and introducing you to the concept of a "Cravat," a neck tie that chefs wear to keep themselves cool in a hot kitchen. The Cravat is a status symbol, with the color of the fabric representing how much experience you have with cooking. Of course, as a new student in the Cooking Academy, you'll need a Cravat (new students receive one of a Dark Blue color) so a new series of missions are opened for you to earn one for yourself.

Meet us after the break for details on how to earn your own Dark Blue Cravat.

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