Warimals brings the browser-based war of cats vs dogs to Facebook

warimals on facebook

Rocket Pack, the creators of Warimals have brought what was once just a browser-based game detailing the "only war that ever mattered", the one between cats and dogs, to Facebook. You'll play the game by choosing your side - whether you'd like to be a Cat and fight the Dogs, or vice versa. Choice made, you'll be allowed to customize your in-game avatar, or "General" in your army from a selection of options, and will be able to jump head-first into the fight for dominance over the enemy species.

Gameplay itself begins by being informed that the enemy has stolen your backyard, and you need to reclaim it. For the sake of the argument, I chose to side with the Cats, so your own experience may look a bit different if you choose to play. This portion serves as the tutorial, getting you up to speed about the game, and ends with you reclaiming the backyard as your own home base.

As Warimals truly is about fighting a war against the enemy, you'll be able to enter into battles by choosing your units (up to four per battle to start) and then sending an all-out-attack on the enemy fortifications. Battles take energy to start, which refills over time. Once in a battle, you'll click on your units' pictures to send them into the battle.

Battles are waged in a "tower defense" fashion against other real world players, with most involving a set path that your troops can walk on, that the enemy has defended with various military equipment - in this case troops of their own, or even mouse traps or beehives (and other wacky items). They can even place buildings that spawn new troops over time. Once your army comes upon an enemy unit, or even just a building, they will automatically begin to attack, slowly draining the life bar of the item until the enemy is defeated.

You'll gain cookies for your victories, with cookies being the main currency in the game. You'll use these Cookies to add defensive and offensive items to your own backyard. In this way, you'll be required to continue fighting the enemy in order to earn supplies that can be used to defend your base.

There are also quests that you'll complete over time by simply playing the game. These can be anything from placing a certain defensive item in your backyard, or attacking a certain number of enemies. These quests will reward you typically with more cookies, experience points, and even items you can put in your backyard.

As you level up, you'll gain the ability to attack certain bosses, and if you win, you can claim their land for yourself (this land will have a different design, and a different path for your troops to defend). Of course, bosses will typically be a higher level than you are, and they won't just let you walk into their land without a fight, so you'll need to prepare for battle before sending your troops in. Once you move to a new Backyard, the items in your current base will be added to your inventory, so you don't lose anything in the process.

As Warimals is still in its Alpha state, you may have to fight some bugs, along with fighting either cats or dogs, but the game looks to have a lot of polish and replayability, which is something every Facebook game definitely needs.

If you'd like to start your own war against cats or dogs, head over to the Warimals page on Facebook.

Have you tried Warimals? What do you think of this cute and unique take on the tower-defense genre? Have you played the Browser version of the game? How do you think the two compare? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!
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