Mafia Wars Heavy Metal Armory Celebration - Build exclusive items for a limited time


Starting today, Zynga is celebrating the Armory in Mafia Wars with a Heavy Metal Armory Celebration. This event will allow you to collect Tech Plates to build not only new pieces of armor, but also exclusive items, that will only be able to be built during this event.

Over the next 4 days and 12 hours, you'll be able to build in the Armory at twice the rate as normal. You're given a shipment of Tech Plates automatically for starting the event, which will allow you to (in most cases) instantly upgrade your armory to the next level. From there, you need to collect individual pieces of Tech Plates that can be traded in for a variety of items.

The two exclusive items are the Pantheon Tactical Helm, a helmet item that requires 5 Tech plates to build and has 55 Attack and 48 Defense points, with a +5 Attack boost for your overall "character" in the game. The other item is the Crimson Iron Chest Plate, requiring 8 Tech Plates to build. This item offers 49 Attack and 57 Defense points, and gives you a +6 Defense boost.

The easiest way to earn Tech Plates is to post a help request on your wall via the button provided on the Mafia Wars home page. This alerts your friends to the fact that you need Tech Plates, and they can easily send you one for free.

Some of the other new items (not limited time items) that are available to build in the Armory are the Welding Mask (30 Attack and 25 Defense), the Sprinting Shoes (25 Attack and 32 Defense), and the Forearm Guard (38 Attack and 30 Defense). These items take not only the traditional armor parts to build, but also require "Special Parts" to build.

Remember, these time-exclusive items will only be available for the next four days, so make the most of the time available to you and start asking for Tech Plates as soon as you can.

What do you think of the Heavy Metal event in Mafia Wars? Do you think the Tactical Helm and Chest Plate are worth collecting Tech Plates for? Sound off in the