FrontierVille Sneak Peek: Axe Target, Spittoon, Varmint Targets & More


Today has been a great day for leaked images from FrontierVille, as we've come across another set of items, this time (apparently) unrelated to the current Winter Holiday theme in the game.

These items appear to all be decorative, and come in the form of an Axe Target, a Spittoon, a log with Varmint Targets attached to the top, a Sewing Machine, and a Duck Pinwheel that will likely spin in the "wind" of the game as an animated item.

Will these be the items that are released after the Winter Holiday theme and season as a whole comes to a close in the game? Or, could these be the rewards we'll receive from some new, as of yet unknown mission - perhaps timed missions, even? It's all very up-in-the-air at this point, so your guess is as good as ours.

Remember, there is no guarantee that these items will officially be launched in the game, or how they will be earned, or their prices (where applicable), so keep that in mind.

Which of these items are you most looking forward to adding to your frontier? Could the Axe Target and Varmint Targets signify some sort of mission dealing with weapons training or hunting? Speculate with us in the comments!