FarmVille Holiday Tree looks to be returning for 2010


During the Winter Holiday event in 2009, FarmVille players were able to build and expand their very own Holiday Tree in a collection event with friends that saw users passing around wrapped Christmas presents through free gift requests and wall posts. Only once the holidays actually hit did those presents become available for unwrapping, and they account for the many Reindeer, Ornaments, Snowflakes and other decorations that you might have noticed on your veteran friends' farms - those items that aren't available in the store currently.

With the winter holiday season now firmly in place, the question becomes whether or not we'll see a new Holiday Tree released in the game, or whether the tree from 2009 will be making a return. We can now make a pretty strong guess that the latter is indeed the case, as something very interesting has happened to the Holiday 2009 trees that are still on users' farms.

Regardless of how much progress you made on your tree last year (that is, whether or not you reached the 100 present limit), all of that progress has been erased, and removed from the tree, reverting it back to its original state (that being the tree image in this post). Hovering over the tree still shows your present progress from last year (in my case "0/100 Presents Inside"), but the tree is simply tiny.

As of this writing, the tree is unable to buy in the store, if you're a new player who doesn't yet have one, and there are no gifts to be found to send on the free gifts page. So for now, this all seems to just be a preliminary step by Zynga to prepare the game for the "re-release" of the tree, so that all users are on an even footing.

We'll be sure to let you know when the Holiday Tree 2010 collection event starts in the game, so keep checking back with us for more.

UPDATE: After reporting on this development yesterday, we've heard reports, and have witnessed personally, the Holiday Trees from 2009 going through seemingly random bouts of being complete, and being small (as in the picture above). We'll be sure to let you know when there is a definitive answer to this conundrum, so keep checking back.

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Do you still have your Holiday Tree from 2009? What do you think about Zynga shrinking the tree and removing your progress? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!

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