YoVille offers 30% Off Sale on YoCash and Coins


If you've begin playing Zynga's YoVille for any amount of time, one of the first things you'll notice is the game's difficulty in earning currency, including Coins, but especially the premium YoCash. While one can easily rectify this situation by simply purchasing YoCash, what if you didn't want to pay the price to do so?

Zynga has addressed this this week, with a 24 hour Blowout Sale, celebrating the launch of the holiday season, and offering the last chance of the year for users to pick up YoCash and Coin packages as a discounted price. This sale offers all packages for 30% off, meaning that now, you can pick up a package of YoCash for as little as $3.73. Here's the full list of YoCash packages, to save you the trouble of heading to the game page yourself:

25 YoCash - $5.33$3.73
50 YoCash - $10.66$7.46
100 YoCash - $19.19$13.43
150 YoCash - $28.78$20.15
200 YoCash - $36.24$25.37
300 YoCash - $53.30$37.31
650 YoCash - $106.60$74.62

Coin packages have been marked down similarly, with packages now costing anywhere from $7.46 for 5,000 coins to $74.62 for 70,000 coins.

Remember, this sale will only last until the end of the day, when the prices will raise back to normal, and you will have missed out on saving some cash. This is, according to Zynga, the last time we'll see such a sale in the game until 2011, so make the most of it now while you can.

Do you plan on purchasing a discounted YoCash or Coin package? What will you do with your new virtual riches? Let us know in the comments.