Mother of Triplets Laid Off Three Times Struggles to Afford Diapers

Lecher Eady was among the hundreds who lined up in Marietta, Ga., for assistance with her heat bill. That day the temperature was 27 degrees, reports The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Why Eady stood out is that she is a single mother with triplets who are still in diapers. In one year she had been laid off three times. She wants a job but hasn't been able to find one since last August. In addition to needing to keep on the heat, Eady has to keep the three babies in diapers.

Therefore she is trying to start a nonprofit, Babies Need Diapers. Its mission would be to help other single women with the challenge of having a supply of diapers. Anyone who has glanced at the prices of diapers knows this is a very real problem. According to Huggies, which has already donated 11 million diapers to the needy, one in three families struggles to pay for diapers.

Fortunately, Eady has a number of programs in other areas to use as models. For example, in Glendale, Calif., the city's Domestic Violence Task Force just launched a two-week diaper drive. The goal is to collect 20,000 diapers for homeless mothers. As the economy had worsened, many charitable organizations such as The Salvation Army had added diaper distribution to some of their outreach services.

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