Monty Python for Facebook establishes The Ministry of Silly Games

Terry Gilliam and Terry Jones
This game might be so funny that it needs its own regulatory body to keep things in line. Terry Gilliam and Terry Jones (pictured left to right) announced just that last night at Tower Bridge in London. The dippy duo revealed that the upcoming Monty Python Facebook game being developed by UK-based Zattikka will be known as The Ministry of Silly Games.

Find out what's in store for you in The Ministry of Silly Games after the break.
Ministry of Silly Games Characters
Scheduled to launch early next year, The Ministry of Silly Games will be a hub of sorts for a long list of ridiculous mini games like:

  • King Arthur's Knight Fight – Frantic "slice-'em-up", featuring the Black Knight, The Killer Rabbit, Tim the Enchanter, the Holy Hand Grenade and God. (We called it.)
  • Monty Python's Scratch 'N Sniff – Observation game featuring Zattikka's original Flash "Scratchcard" mechanic.
  • Camelot Smashalot – Catapult livestock, Holy Hand Grenades and Trojan rabbits at the fiendish French fortresses. (Also called it.)
  • Twit Russian Roulette – Keep your Upper-Class Twit alive for as long as you can in this wacky game of Russian Roulette!
  • Mr Creosote – Feed Mr Creosote his favorite nosh but avoid the wafer thin mints in this fun one-button reaction game.
  • Gumby Flower Arranging – Help the Gumby match three flowers of the same kind, otherwise he's going to hit himself with bricks!
  • Gillaxian – Arcade-style shooter that's also a tribute to a great game and a great artist.
  • Aerial Antics – Balance your TV aerial on household objects to tune in your telly in this fun puzzler.

It seems like, for Monty Python fans, there's going to be a lot to do and hopefully even more sidesplitting laughs to be had. Not to mention that it sounds like there's a great amount of variety in each of these games, which is a welcome change from your everyday social games. While many of the game's features have yet to be detailed (such as sharing), everyone involved appears to be excited about the project.

"I guess my visuals have always been a bit videogamey," adds Monty Python member Terry Gilliam. "So, it's brilliant seeing them actually in games at last. The Ministry of Silly Games looks like what was inside my head when I was creating all that iconic imagery. I know the game will prove massively popular when it launches." If you're at all unsure about Gilliam's confidence--or if you're as excited as we are and just want to play it--Zattikka is currently accepting beta applications on the game's website.

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