Mafia Wars Secret Santa mission ushers in the Holidays for a limited time


For the next five days, Zynga will be ushering in the holiday season in Mafia Wars via the Secret Santa limited time mission. This mission will be available to complete for the next 5 days, however, your own time limit for completing mission will likely not match this overall time limit, so as to allow you to complete the mission multiple times if you so choose (and have time to do so).

The mission requires you to find four mafia members to help you, and you can ask for their help by simply posting a news item to your wall. The possible rewards for this mission are quite varied and are high in number. There are two "Grand" or "rare" prizes associated with this event - a D-07 Proximity Mine worth 70 Attack and 39 Defense points, and a Field Rider motorcycle which has 21 Attack and 71 Defense stats.

There are six uncommon items and six common items available to win. For those unfamiliar with these kinds of special event or timed missions, once it is successfully completed, your pool of participating mob members can receive multiple items from this prize pool, with you earning a slightly bigger portion, since you were the leader, or initiator of the mission.

We're sure this won't be the last time we see something related to the holidays released in Mafia Wars, but it is a nice teaser to tide us over until (if) something bigger does come along.

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Will you attempt the Secret Santa event in Mafia Wars, or are you waiting for a larger holiday event to start in the game? Sound off in the comments.