Guest Sues Luxury Hotel For Late Night Police Visit

A hotel guest is suing over a late-night visit from law enforcement, claiming an employee mistakenly sent police to the wrong room without first checking hotel records.

The Madison/St. Clair Register reported Dan Little of Illinois was staying at the Holiday Inn Express in Pemnroke, N.C. when police allegedly broke down his hotel room door in search of a female suspect in the middle of the night. Little claims he was not affiliated with the woman in any way.

According to the complaint filed Nov. 23 in Madison County Circuit Court against Intercontinental Hotels group, a man knocked on the door of the room Little was staying in and demanded the suspect come out. The man, who was not in uniform and did not assert he was a member of law enforcement, threatened to break down the door.

Little claims he told the man to leave or else he would call the police, but the man proceeded to force entry into the room by breaking the chain lock.

Fearing for his life, Little drew a gun as protection. Little claims the man shouted, "He has s gun," and then drew his own weapon.

At this point, Little determined the man was in fact a law enforcement officer and the officer realized Little was not the woman suspect for which they were searching.

Little maintains the next day a Holiday Inn Express employee admitted that he did not look up guest names and room numbers when the police asked for information. There is no word on a possible reason, if any, why the hotel employee provided the officers with inaccurate information.

The lawsuit claims Holiday Inn Express did not fulfill its duty to care for its guests by sending an armed man to the wrong room. Little is asking for compensatory damages between $50,000 and $75,000, plus interest and court costs.

Photo, pigliapost, flickr
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