FrontierVille 'Winter's a Comin' Goal glitch is fixed... sort of

Winter's a Comin' is glitched
Winter's a Comin' is glitched

It seems that a good amount of FrontierVille players have noticed a glitch in the Winter's a Comin' Goal where their visits to other Neighbors are not being counted. There's no way to finish the mission without this requirement, so we were pretty much at a standstill. If you still are, Zynga released an explanation for how to get around the problem:

After visiting a neighbor and returning to your homestead the progress towards your quest will not show correctly. In order to have your progress updated please exit FrontierVille to your Facebook homepage, and then reenter FrontierVille. Once you are back in the game you should see your progress updated, and your neighbor visits counted towards quest completion. If you have already visited the required number of neighbors to complete the quest, the quest will automatically be completed when you enter the game again. You may not see the pop up letting you know that you have finished the quest, but the rewards will be added to your account. Please check your inventory for any quest rewards you are missing.

So, we just have to push that good old restart button, basically. Now, this isn't the first time Zynga has had problems with holiday events, if anyone remembers the Halloween horrors of crashing games and glitches aplenty. While these events are noticeably less grand than before, this could be the beginning of a larger problem. However, we hope imagine the team would be much more prepared for the stress of the holiday season.

[Via FrontierVille Info]

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