FrontierVille Land Grab: Cool new feature or cheap ploy to lure new players?

frontierville land grab
frontierville land grab

FrontierVille has introduced a new feature called the Land Grab, which pops up at random while you're paying a visit to your neighbors. At first, it seemed like it was actually offering additional land for your frontier, but on closer inspection, it's really a new way to invite people to play FrontierVille. Some might be tempted to call this Land Grab feature a "cheap ploy."

Anyway -- it works like this. While you are visiting a neighbor, you will see a pop-up window that says the following:

You set foot on an unclaimed parcel of land on the way to your neighbor's homestead! Tidy 'er up then choose a friend who'd like to Manifest Destiney here -- once they settle down with a cozy little cabin, you'll get a 10,000 coin finders fee.

If you decide to accept 'Tidy Up,' you'll be prompted to spend 100 coins and buy a title for a friend who is not currently playing FrontierVille. If that person decides to build a cabin on that property, you'll get the 10K coins.

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