Free Tide Stain Release Spray

Tide logoTide is giving away 5,000 bottles of Tide Stain Release Spray starting today, Friday Dec. 3, 2010, at 12 noon EST. At that time, Tide will post a link on its Facebook page to get the freebie. You'll need to log in to Facebook and "like" the Tide fan page to get the freebie link.

Click on the above link to get started. I would log in a few minutes before noon and refresh the page (click the Wall or Special Offers tab) until you see the Tide freebie link. Follow the directions in the link to register for the freebie. I'm guessing you'll have to let Tide access your Facebook profile info to get the free bottle of Tide Stain Release Spray, though I haven't seen the sign up form. It may be as simple as sharing your name, address, and email.

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